4% daily for 30 business days
Total return 120%
Deposit $20 / $500
Referral Com. Up to : 15%
5% daily for 30 business days
Total return 150%
Deposit $501 / $2000
Referral Com. Up to : 15%
6% daily for 30 business days
Total return 180%
Deposit $2001 / $10 000
Referral Com. Up to : 15%
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4% A Day For 30 Business Days And 120%
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Who We Are

Mega Traders is managed by a team of traders from various backgrounds : private equity, financial derivatives, Forex market. We came to the world of cryptocurrencies trading in recent years and have proved ourselves as independant traders. We have now decided to work in team and start up a business that can make it possible for most people to make a profit with us.

The company is also made up of web engineers and multilingual support staff. Our objective is to provide a high quality service to our members including stable earnings, fast payments and reliable helpdesk.

What We Do

We operate in the global market of cryptocurrencies exchange. We mainly trade cryptocurrencies with large capitalization and strong liquidity : Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Neo, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin ... Our trading strategies also includes arbitrages and ICOs on promising altcoins. Their high volatily and growth potential represent significant opportunities for experienced traders.

Your Benefits

There is a whole new world of earning opportunities available to you :

  • No trading skills required.
  • No working or referring needed.
  • Very low level of risk thanks to our guarantees.
  • Sustainable long-term business model and compensation plan.
  • Wide range of payment methods.

Our Guarantees

At Mega Traders we take the safety of your funds and personal data very seriously and provide the best level of guarantees available on the market :

  • Company legally registered in the United Kingdom.
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium encryption.
  • Dedicated hosting with strong DDOS protection.
  • Business verified business processors.
  • Licensed Goldcoder script.

You can benefit from a "money back guarantee" during a coverage period of 20 calendar days. It covers a maximum of 10 000 USD per member.

50% of funds are invested in stable assets while 50% are used for daily trading activities. We have been operating on crypto-trading for more than one year without any significant loss. However please keep in mind that our activities implies specific risks, so any registration to our website means acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Step Into The Future With Us

Most reputed experts strongly believe that technologies based on Blockchain and cryptography will continue to make increasing contributions to the international exchanges in the coming years. Rather than relying on central authorities, crypto currencies allow every people in the world to own and use a medium of exchange that can be bought and sold anytime, anywhere, through a simple Internet connection.

This technological revolution offering promising prospects and this is happening right now. Bitcoin has already made millionaires and it's just the beginning. Many other crypto currencies will soon come to light, with huge possibilities of earnings for those who know how to take maximum advantage of their volatility.

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